Thursday, May 21, 2015

Audrey's Minions Just Keep Dancing!

We hope you will support our ACOF member's daughter Audrey, who is valiantly heading a campaign for Brain Tumor Awareness!  Keep dancing with Audrey and remember to send her lots of prayers and healing energies!  That tumor is shrinking!  

With Metta --ACOF Admin.

Audrey is an 11 year old little girl from Nashville, Tennessee who has been fighting a brain tumor for over a year...all with the backing of Audrey's Minions, a group she started to raise awareness and funds together with Brain Tumor Alliance.  #Kids  #JustKeepDancing

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

NASHVILLE, TN - JUNE 13, 2015 (10am-4pm) -- Program / Edgar Cayce on Angels and the Afterlife --by Robert Grant in association with the Middle TN A.R.E.

Saturday, June 13th from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Edgar Cayce on Angels and the Afterlife

Featuring noted author and Edgar Cayce historian, ROBERT GRANT

Tickets are currently available for $45 per person
If you plan to attend, please confirm your reservation as soon as possible
**seating space is limited**

Checks for tickets should be made out to:  Middle Tennessee A.R.E.
(include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address)

Mail checks to following address:
Robert J. Grant Lecture
Attn: Starr Messick
2114 Ashwood Avenue
Nashville, TN 37212

Friday, April 17, 2015

Pray to be Wrong --by Alan Cohen

This article was originally posted here in December 2014.  Though a few months later, the message is in tact.  We hope you enjoy this re-post from Alan Cohen. 
--ACOF Administration

Alan Cohen
I had a neighbor I saw as a nasty alcoholic. Brenda would regularly sit around the kitchen table with her husband, drink, and complain. I did not find any good in her. Then she and her husband took in a young man to live with them. Mark helped the older couple around the house and stayed with them for years. When Brenda passed away several years later, Mark told me, “Brenda was one of the kindest people I have ever known. She and her husband treated me like a son. I will always remember and love her.” In that moment I realized how skewed was my interpretation of Brenda. I was focusing on one aspect of her that brought me pain to consider. Mark, on the other hand, had focused on an aspect of Brenda that brought him joy. Each of us was reaping the result of our interpretation. From that moment on I began to think of Brenda as a kind person, which has brought me peace.

A Course in Miracles tells us that perception is not a fact, but an interpretation. The world we see is determined by the kind of vision we use to

Sunday, April 5, 2015

ACOF Founder and Facilitator Tanya Touchstone Publishes New Book - The Gifts of Cancer, A Meditation on Hope Founder and Facilitator, Tanya Touchstone, has published a new book entitled The Gifts of Cancer, A Meditation on Hope, which shares her journey on the path with Stage 3 Cancer. 

Drawing on teachings and wisdoms from a multitude of spiritual paths, including Mindfulness techniques from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and Native American teachings and spirituality, Touchstone teaches as she goes, using her own experiences to help others realize the peace to be found in the present moment.

Introduction by Joe Johnston, Author, Artist, and featured speaker at the Gandhi-King International Peace Conference.

Endorsed by Dick SutphenAuthor of the Million-Copy Bestseller, You Were Born Again to Be Together, and by Authors Bliss Wood and Jeff Guidrythis book does not disappoint.  Get your copy today, found at the links below.

Now Available at the Following Resources:

LuLu – AmazonBarnes and Noble - Website - Facebook - Twitter

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Thoughts on Death --from Thich Nhat Hanh's 'No Death, No Fear'

Becoming Nothing

Our greatest fear is that when we die we will become nothing. Many of us believe that our entire existence is only a life span beginning the moment we are born or conceived and ending the moment we die. We believe that we are born from nothing and when we die we become nothing. And so we are filled with fear of annihilation.

The Buddha has a very different understanding of our existence. It is the understanding that birth and death are notions. They are not real. The fact that we think they are true makes a powerful illusion that causes our suffering. The Buddha taught that there is no birth; there is no death; there is no coming; there is no going; there is no same; there is no different; there is no permanent self; there is no annihilation. We only think there is. When we understand that we cannot be destroyed, we are liberated from fear. It is a great relief. We can enjoy life and appreciate it in a new way.

Finding a Lost Loved One

The same thing happens when we lost any of our beloved ones. When conditions are not right to support life, they withdraw. When I lost my mother I suffered a lot. When we are only seven or eight years old it is difficult to think that one day we will lose our mother. Eventually we grow up and we all lose our mothers, but if you know how to practice, when the time comes for the separation you will not suffer too much. You will very quickly realize that your mother is always alive within you.

The day my mother died, I wrote in my journal:

Friday, March 20, 2015

Let Go of the Past --by Dick Sutphen

Originally Posted HERE

“There is no vitality to the past except the life our minds give to it. The only thing the past is good for is to keep us stuck in the old patterns from which we’re trying to liberate ourselves. Our personal histories are the parts of our lives which hold us where we are,” says Swami Chetanananda in “Choose To Be Happy.”

Friday, March 13, 2015

Our Readers and Followers Rock! --ACOF Admin.

A couple of weeks ago ACOF asked for a Card Shower for Audrey.  

We are very happy to report that not only did you come through, BUT Audrey received cards as far away as India and Ireland!

Way to be, good people!  

Our blog enjoys a worldwide readership, and times like this --well, this is when that really counts the most!

Thank you for being the best!

Our readers and followers rock!

--ACOF Admin.